Daddy Is Our Hero Water Bottle

Daddy Is Our Hero Water Bottle

We all know Daddies can be real life heroes, so this personalised water bottle is designed to celebrate your very own superhero.

So you can use 'Daddy', 'Dad', 'Pops', or whatever you call your dad. You can personalise it with one name, or two, and therefore change the wording to 'my' or 'our'.

The aluminium bottle is designed to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, with different tops to suit. Great for dog walks, sport and the gym, or just to remind him to stay hydrated.

All text will be printed in black and in block capitals.

Aluminium bottle 600ml capacity
18cm high (excluding lid)| 7cm diameter
Made by XOXO stationery.
Printed and assembled by hand in our Scottish studio.






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