• Nine Things I'd Love To Share With You This Month: March 2018

    Nine Things I'd Love To Share With You This Month: March 2018

    Each month, I share some of the things I've been discovering and loving. I love a good recommendation or spark of inspiration, and I figured I'd share some of mine, too!

    Neom's Face Oil

    1. Treat Time

    I just adore Neom's products, they are my absolute favourite go to treat.  I have been going through a wee spell of crappy sleeping so when I saw this Scent to Sleep Face Oil... well, it was a bit of a no-brainer. It's just arrived today... roll on bedtime!

    Cable and Cotton lights

    2. Fairy Lights

    These are so fun. I discovered Cable and Cotton a few years ago, have a couple of sets and have given vouchers as gifts. Each tactile ball is handmade in Thailand by skilled craftswomen and the 'pick and mix' from 49 colours is just amazing.

    Loch Grannoch

    3. Walking

    What a beautiful day this was and such stunning countryside, literally on my doorstep (half hour drive and four mile walk). I didn't even know this place existed - Loch Grannoch - but I do now thanks to a wonderful friend.  Polly had a blast too - off lead and three playmates.

    Hand Lettering For Relaxation

    4. Relaxation

    The pretty looking workbook, 'Hand Lettering For Relaxation', just happened to fall into my Amazon basket recently.  I'm so looking forward to getting stuck into it this month, once I overcome the "I don't want to spoil the page" fear! (It's not just me, is it?!)

    Spring Flowers

    5. Flowers

    I picked up this gorgeous wee posy from the supermarket.  Aren't they so pretty? They can't help but lift your spirits.


    6. Sweets

    Jeezo! I think these are my new all time favourite sweets ever, ever!  The peanut butter ones somehow beat Reese’s and the coconut ones... I have no words!

    7. Something Special

    I've been a long time admirer of Jane Ryan, OPI so I just knew when I lost my westies within a few months of each other that a Jane Ryan commission was called for. Jane makes the most original mechanical art and I treasure this piece she made for me.


    Be kind or be quiet

    8. Kindness

    We need more of this in the world. I love this simple rule, and I'm committing to sharing and encouraging more kindness!

    Hallway before and after

    9. Hallway

    A wee 'before and after' for you, and please say I don't need to explain that the image on the left is the 'before'! I am in lurveeeeeee! We've gone from dark carpet and yellow walls to some gorgeous panels and crisp white. It's so light, bright and airy... and I admit that the other Friday when I sneaked away from work early I actually squealed when I opened the front door... the sun was shining through the window - the light!

  • How To Cheer A Friend Up Even If You Aren't Sure What's Wrong

    How To Cheer A Friend Up Even If You Aren't Sure What's Wrong

    Seeing a friend going through a tough time or looking a little down can be as painful as feeling down yourself - sometimes worse when we feel helpless.

    Sometimes we aren't quite ready to talk about exactly what's going on, and sometimes we aren't even sure ourselves. So what can we do, even if we don't have the specifics?

    1. Let them know they're not alone

    Step one, simply let them know you're here if and when they're ready to talk. Or even if they just want some company. You might send a text to say, "Just thought I'd let you know I'm thinking of you. How are things?" Or pop a postcard in the post you know they'll love.

    2. Put down expectations and pressure

    Gentle contact and letting them know they're not alone is important, but not if comes with pressure for them to respond, meet, or do something challenging. If you don't get a response, gently send another reminder you're there in a few days. But pressure can shut us down. 

    3. Send something fun

    Flowers, chocolates, biscuits, a DVD, a book, a link to a video - something you know they'll like that will make them smile or laugh or light up. It doesn't have to be huge, simply a gesture of kindness that's just for them.

    4. Share a memory of them

    When we're going through a tough time, remembering happy times can be hard. Even if you don't know exactly what's wrong, sharing a photo of a lovely trip you shared, or reminding them that they're a great painter or brilliant listener, can help to boost spirits on down days.

    Most importantly, I know that the gift of listening, of kindness, of attention is the most precious thing we can offer a friend who's struggling. So when in doubt, offer your kind ear and a cuppa.

  • Nine things I'd love to share with you this month: February 2018

    Nine things I'd love to share with you this month: February 2018

    As part of my recent decision to step out from behind the curtain, I decided to share nine of my favourite things this month. Welcome to February's edition!

    Berroca fizzy melts

    1. Berocca Fizzy Melts - I swear these have stopped me from having anything more than a minor sniffle over the last few months (more pennies than the swallow-me-whole version or dissolve-me-in-water version but the fizzy melts are oh so convenient).



    2. Wallpaper - The bathroom in my new home was going to stay as it was but then I decided it wouldn't take a lot to transform it (kinda think that has turned into my mantra...and not always true!). I love this fun print - Allsorts from Miss Print and it's made a great feature wall.



    3Holiday - Me and my boys are going to spend 7 glorious sun filled days in Tenerife in the summer. Such a long time coming - my boys have never been abroad and I haven't flown for about....eeeek....18 years! I'm so looking forward to it!



    Polly - This gorgeous, mischievous, cutie pie might pop up quite a lot! She's a rescue dog from Romania which I got via the Paws2Rescue charity.



    Gift - I got this wonderful pocket talisman with the text 'you got this' from an extremely lovely and thoughtful lady who has been at my side throughout the rollercoaster of my 2017, in both a personal and business sense. I'd never seen these before, they are the brainchild of Liz at Soul Mantras - they are the best and I carry mine with me always. 


    Back care

    6. Back Care - So, I was treated to this mean machine, a 'Heated Shiatsu Dual Back Massage Chair Cushion' by Homedics and oh boy!  I love it!  Could quite happily sit and have it knead my back all day....shame it has a 15 minute auto shut off.



    7. Eye Makeup 
    - Ha! Would you laugh if I said I have saved quite a few eye make up tutorials on Pinterest? Seriously, I have! I've always been useless with makeup... they do say practice makes perfect though, I’ll see if that’s true.


    8. Worry - Why do we do it? What purpose does it serve? I'm trying to stop walking around with an umbrella, and simply grab one when I need it!



    The 'Tunnel' - Okay, so it’s not a true tunnel but it’s my tunnel in my new home and it’s now getting some serious tile love with reclaimed bricks. This space leads from the hall to the back door (which, unless you want a sore head - duck!). The photo really doesn't do it justice.

    So that's me for February! What are you loving this month?


  • Stepping out from behind the curtain....

    Stepping out from behind the curtain....
    stepping out from behind the curtain
    Photo by Spencer Pugh on Unsplash


    I'm Maggie - founder of this little business and someone who has always felt far more comfortable hiding behind the scenes, loving the anonymity of an online business. But recently I thought, perhaps it's time to take a wee step from behind the curtain and be brave. Maybe it's not quite so scary as I'd thought, maybe it is... But hell, what harm can it do?! I am me, I can only be me, I am what I am. Maybe it's time to share...

    So here's a little introduction:

    2017 was one crazy personal year for me - I separated from my husband, moved out the family home, two rentals, moved back into the family home, lost my sweet dog Jess, sold the family home, bought a new home (which has had a continual stream of workmen in since) but you know what... I survived! My boys are happy, life is great. So maybe saying hello isn't so bad!

    I'm not a writer (in case you hadn't guessed!), so I'm going to start slowly - baby steps and all that! To ease myself from behind the curtain I thought I'd start by sharing 9 things that I love/have found/have bought/want to share each month - pictures and few words... I think I can handle that!

    Read the first 9 things post here and let me know what you think.

    Maggie xoxo