• Three reasons to focus on your next three things

    Three reasons to focus on your next three things

    You may have gathered by now that we're kind of into stationery. And ways to get inspired, stay organised and do things a bit differently.

    We've been fans of to-do lists for a VERY long time, but as life has progressed and got busier, we've found a new way to organise all those big lists: by splitting them into smaller, more manageable lists.

    We recently created some "three things" sticky notes and notepads - mostly for us here in the studio! - so that we could really focus on the most important tasks.

    Today, I'm sharing my top three reasons to make little lists of your next three things.

    Three things to do list

    1. Avoid distraction and overwhelm

    When you've got a list as long as your arm (or longer), it's easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what's on your plate. By making a very short list of your next three things, you cut out the looming sense of doom and simply see the things directly in front of you.

    As you move swiftly through a completed to-do list, chances are you'll feel a bigger sense of achievement at finishing your whole list, rather than feeling that you've "only" done three things on your never-ending to-do list. Focusing on your achievements, rather than your deficits, is far more motivating!

    2. Become more focused and efficient

    By identifying three tasks, you can really focus in on each individual item, without flitting between one thing and another. You do the first thing first, then the second thing, then the third thing.

    Sub-tip: Create specific, achievable to-do list items. Rather than "Ben's party", try specifying which party planning activity you're doing to do and complete. For example, "Order Ben's birthday cake". This way, you know when you've done it, and you can tick it off your list!

    3. Balance working on different projects

    When you create three small tasks that are achievable and clearly defined, you're better able to switch between big projects. For example, the first thing on your three things list might be to do with your house renovation, while you can add a task about your book proposal or website review to the other items on the list.

    If you feel inspired to get more productive with very short to-do lists, check out our full collection 

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