• Nine Things I'd Love To Share With You This Month: May 2018

    Nine Things I'd Love To Share With You This Month: May 2018

    Nine Things To Share May 2018 by XOXO stationery

    Well here we are, over half way through the fifth month of 2018... I really feel like just pressing 'pause' for a wee while!  Anyways, here are my nine things I'd like to share for May:


    1. Jewellery


    Going through the various stages of my marriage breakup last year I bought some pieces of personalised jewellery from Amy at Chambers & Beau.  This 'smile' necklace was my first purchase and I got it personalised with BE STRONG BE HAPPY BE BRAVE ...I wore in non-stop for a long time!


    2. Artwork


    Saw this lovely hand pulled print from Deborah Champion and had to have it!  It's called 'Seven Fish For Luck' and sits perfectly on the mantelpiece.

    3. Garden

    Plants and Pots

    Well my definition and all that will be my garden - three plants! There was a (pretty yeuchy) rough flower bed running the length of one wall but yay - it's now gone!  Not sure if Polly Dog is as happy about it's removal as I am though but hey-ho.  I'm totally clueless with all things gardening...I just knew I wanting tall black pots and these three plants...my fab Mum went on a couple of garden centre visits and came up trumps.


    4. Magazine

    Good Company

    It's been a while since I picked up anything except house-y magazines but when I read that Design Sponge (if you have never visited their website, it's the perfect place to get lost over a cup of coffee, a big long cup of coffee!) were publishing a new print magazine "..will provide motivation, inspiration, practical advice, and a vital sense of connection and community for women and non-binary creatives at every state of life.." it sounded too good to be true.  A great read.


    5. Words


    ...Amen!  YOU are enough. 

    6. Lighting

    I'd had my eye on this light from John Lewis since literally moving into twenty-three early November. Saddo that I am, I was so excited about getting it - the hallway is high, it's now pure white and it could take a statement light but, but, but come March it was still out of stock so I eventually gave up and many hours of internet searching later I found this one and I'm happy!


    7. Fresh Air

    torrs point

    You know that thing when something is virtually on your doorstep...but you have never actually realised?!  Yes!  That!  Am now familiar with a lovely coastal walk, through forest, across fields and voila - clifftops and beautiful views.


    8. Clock


    Firstly, my friends and family think I'm kinda weird having to have a clock in bathroom...am I?!  Thing is, I totally love my morning shower and can easily lose track of time - nothing worse than a sudden panic thinking you have to get a move on, jumping out the shower, checking the time only to realise you could have had another 5 minutes.  
    ps. My picture is rubbish and doesn't do this beautiful clock from paladim on Etsy justice.  The wood matches the flooring in my shower room so well


    9. Before and After - My Bedroom

    bedroom - before

    Bedroom - After

    I love my bedroom soooo very much, it's my little oasis of calm (and bonus being it's on the top floor of the house - away from my two noisy teenagers!)


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