• Nine Things I'd Love To Share With You This Month: April 2018

    Nine Things I'd Love To Share With You This Month: April 2018

    ...well yes, it is still April - just! Has been such a funny month and I do wish the weather would stop teasing with it's occasional sunny days...bring on May - sunshine and heat if you please!


    1. Flooring

    Got the new vinyl laid in the bathroom this month.  Slightly nervous as I bought it online without a colour swatch but the shade is perfect and I love it (unlike one son whose verdict is "disgusting").



    2. Footwear

    ...erm so do I admit that I found these when I was 'unpacking' a just-dump-it-in-there cupboard this month (yip, I've still not fully unpacked). I'd forgotten that I bought them last autumn..so fun new boots.  My first pair of Art Company footwear but I'm loving the chunky-ness and playful design...I guess there is some bonus to it not being sandal weather quite yet.


    3. Plants

    You know that saying 'fake it until you make it' well I say 'fake it if you kill it'.  Have never been into artificial plants before but they are growing on me (absolutely no pun intended).  How could I have forgotten to water plants that I pass every single time I go up/down the stairs?!  Anyway, these artificial green bamboo plants from IKEA are just fab!



    4. Decor

    So when I saw Besty Benn's velvet map embroidery hoops I just kinda had to have one..and it's so lush!   Love the simplicity of it - just shows roads and rivers of the location of your choice - and  I opted for simple text "Home - Twenty Three".  (and yes, check out the artificial cacti...ebay special!)


    5. Mistakes

    We all make them, perhaps some bigger than others but regardless...



    6. Before & After - Kitchen

    So the kitchen was never. ever on the agenda (nor budget!) for changing at the moment - I just wanted a couple of more cupboards and I would have been quite happy for a while...except I discovered that the range had been discontinued.  What's a person to do?!


    7. Yum!

    If you love chocolate (and who doesn't....we all know chocolate makes everything better right!), and if you haven't already, you need to introduce yourself to the delicious makings from Holly at The Slabb.  Honestly go check them out ...'The Amaretto Cherry One', 'The Gin One'  'The Biscoff One'  and on I could go!  Highly recommended joining 'The Slabb Chocolate Society' facebook group too..live videos, votes on special edition flavours, giveaways.  Soooo good!


    8. Etsy Finds

    Have had my eye on Rebecca Killen's colbat blue dipped milk bottles for a wee while and now I actually own one - yay!  It's stunning!  And the felt 'billy ball' flowers from Mellsva set it off to perfection, least I think so!


    9. Coat Rack

    So I originally purchased this in sunny yellow from block and with every intention of using it to hang coats but...well...I sprayed it black and have used it as letter art inside the front door.


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