• How to Be an Organised Mum This Year

    Many women feel they don’t know how to be an organised mum and with the job of juggling school runs, work, swimming lessons, parties and mountains of laundry (and that’s just for starters), is it any wonder?

    Although Christmas can be a great family time, it can also leave mums feeling exhausted and in a rough state to get to grips with a brand new year.

    Take heart though, because we’ve got some tips to help. If you’d like to know how to be an organised mum this year, as well as taking a little time to actually catch your breath, here’s how to make it work.

    Plan Ahead to Be an Organised Mum

     We all know that time is a killer, but taking just half an hour to plan the week ahead can help enormously.

    Try putting aside 30 minutes at the same time each week to look forward to the next seven days. Write a huge list of everything, big and small, that’s on your mind.

    Our personalised note pads are fantastic for this and help you to logically see what you need to do, rather than allow things to swirl around your head and cause you stress.

    Have a look at the tasks and decide how long you think each will take. If you’re working around children or the school run or nursery times, then work out how many hours you realistically have each day to spend (tip - it’s probably less than you think!).

    Now simply allocate the tasks to each day. If you run out of hours then the less important ones will just have to wait until next week.

    See the Bigger Family Picture

    When you’re trying to wrestle motherhood into some kind of order, it’s handy to see the bigger picture and know what the rest of the family are up to.

    You might think that personally you’ve got time to be somewhere, but combine that with get ting Jimmy to his trombone lesson, and you might see that it doesn’t really work.

    If you say yes to doing something as a family because you’re free on a certain day, look at it in a bigger context. Are your family actually busy on all the other days of the week too? Is that going to be total overkill and wipe everyone out before school starts again on Monday?

    Our family weekly calendar is perfect to get a bird’s eye view of what everyone in the family has going on.

    Plan in Some Rest

    I know, we mothers think we’re invincible and that rest is for losers. But often we’re the ones holding everything together, so if we can avoid our own ship sinking we’re less likely to take anyone else down with us.

    Try not to put activities into every single moment of every single day, whether that’s fun time, work time or housework. Plan in the rest you need, even if that’s just ten minutes sitting down to watch your favourite TV show. After all, we’re in this for the long haul!

    We’ve got all kinds of personalised notepads and planners to help you to be an organised mum this year - and we know you can do it! Shop the full range here.

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