• For the love of: teachers

    For the love of: teachers

    For so many of us parents, there are everyday superheroes who often get taken for granted, people whose contribution to our lives gets overlooked: teachers.

    I'm a mum to two boisterous, unique boys, and there have been so many moments when I've been so grateful for the teachers, teaching assistants, sports coaches and other school staff who've stepped up and added something so positive to my boys' experiences.

    Sometimes, it's not about going above and beyond. It's the quiet, consistent discipline, inspiration, teaching that makes the biggest difference. Teachers who see where our children struggle, and make a small change or say a small word that changes how a child sees something.

    how to thank your teacher

    As we come to the end of term here in Scotland, and soon in England, I thought I'd share a few ways we can thank the teachers that make a difference.

    1. Write a thank you note to your teacher

    It's not often we sit and write a hand-written note these days. It's such a beautiful way to share something more meaningful, and doesn't even need to be that long! A short notecard with two or three things that really stand out to you about this particular teacher can mean much more than a box of chocolates.

    Consider including:

    • A specific challenge they helped your child overcome
    • The impact they've had on your child, and your family in general
    • An outlook or approach you really like

    2. Spread the word

    This is especially good for sports coaches, tutors and music teachers. Share your good feedback with other parents, with the school that hired them (especially the person in charge of hiring, if you know who they are), and with neighbours and friends.

    Again, it's helpful to nail down a couple of specific points about the teacher. Are they encouraging? Did they help your child to overcome a particular challenge? Did they help to achieve a particular grade or certificate? Let others know.

    3. Donate to their classroom

    The best teachers love to teach, and so many of them are grateful for tools that allow them to do more and do better for their classes. Depending on the age of children they teach and their subject, you might donate some of the following:

    • Good quality toys and games your children have grown out of
    • Musical instruments, sheet music, metronomes and music stands you no longer need
    • Planners and notepads for teachers and students to use
    • Scientific models and references
    • Art supplies: paints, pens, paper, easels, fabric, ribbons, buttons etc
    • Historical artefacts or information, especially on local history
    • Your child's textbooks or required reading books for their spare collection

    4. Give a personal and practical gift

    Here at XOXO, we pride ourselves on creating personal gifts that also have a really practical use, so that there's purpose in gift-giving, not just stuff that'll get put in a box. Whether it's one of our teacher mugs, handy notepads, coasters, travel mugs, water bottles or tote bags, you can add names and messages to let your teacher know they're appreciated.

    Check out our full range of teacher gifts here.

    Wishing everyone an ease-ful end of term!

    Maggie xo

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