• A Personalised Bridesmaid Gift for a Wedding to Remember

    If you’ve ever helped to organise a wedding, you’ll know it’s emotional, fun and a lot of hard work! Bridesmaids pour so much time and energy into making everything happen, but choosing a personalised bridesmaid gift that says all you want it to can be a challenge.

    As wedding season approaches, many of us are looking for ways to capture special memories of one of the biggest occasions life can bring. If you’re on the hunt for an unusual bridesmaid gift or ways to thank the girls who make it all come together, then read on for our tips and suggestions.

    How to Choose a Gift for Your Bridesmaids

    When it comes to choosing a gift to thank your bridesmaids, the personal touch is everything. If you need to buy a few of something without it costing you the earth, think about which everyday items you could gift that could be personalised.

    A personalised bridesmaid mug is a great idea to give on the morning of the day as you share a drink together before the big event. In months to come, as they sip their tea or coffee, your bridesmaids will remember not only the fun you had planning and being at the wedding together, but also how special your friendship is and what it means to you both.

    If you’d like to take things up a notch, think about a gift box or personalised tin that can be uniquely printed on the outside with goodies hidden on the inside. You might hide a voucher for some pampering, a gift card to the cinema or an invitation to do something nice together when you’re back from your honeymoon.

    Add some special chocolates and a hand-written note and you’ve got a personalised bridesmaid gift that she can use again and again.

    Presenting and Wrapping Your Gifts

    Once you’ve chosen the ideal gift, it’s time to turn attention to the wrapping for a real wow factor.

    If you have several bridesmaids, you could try choosing a few different wraps that

    co-ordinate to make a stylish display. Choose contrasting ribbons or a length of natural twine and perhaps add a sprig of greenery.


    Cut individual tags from high quality card stock and write a unique, personal message on each one. Acknowledge what you love about each bridesmaid in turn and let her know how grateful you are for her help. If you’re stuck for ideas, take a look at Pinterest for some inspiration.


    Think in advance about the best time to give your bridesmaids gifts too. The big day flies by so quickly so would it be better to give gifts during speeches? Or perhaps when you’re all together in the morning or evening before?


    Think about the words you want to say in advance if you’re planning to give a little speech along with the gifts. Weddings are a great time to say how you feel, even if emotion ends up getting the better of you!


    Above all, put some thought into your personalised bridesmaid gift, but don’t overthink it too much. Your friends are there to support, help and have a great time with you. As long as you’re happy, then they’re sure to be too.


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  • Spring Tips for a Tidy Desk at Home

    As Spring arrives and we come out of hibernation, a tidy desk starts to feel much more appealing than lazing on the sofa.

    If your home office has become a bit neglected over Winter and you’re not sure where to start, here are our best tips to get things in order.

    Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind: Deciding What to Keep

    Clutter weighs us down and getting rid of it will make you feel lighter. Get a handle on desk clutter by deciding what to keep and what to part with.

    Home offices often accumulate lots of bits and bobs that don’t have a proper home. Broken electronics, five-year-old receipts, unknown cables? Usually, it’s just junk we don’t need.

    Recycle or shred what you can and find new homes for things you no longer use. Make the dump a last resort as electronic goods can be recycled and schools often welcome old stationery and art materials.

    Dealing With Paper Clutter

    Organise what you do want to keep in a way that makes sense to you. Box files and folders are really handy for keeping together important documents and bills you still need.

    If possible, organise by type. Put family passports together so you can find them easily and put product warranties or how-to guides in a box or tin.

    You could also reduce your paper burden by scanning documents and saving on your computer or cloud. Use memorable filenames to make things even easier to find.

    Visual reminders are handy to keep things top of mind, so if you’re prone to forgetfulness try sticky notes. This clever set of sticky notes even doubles as a to do list.  

    Finding a Home for Everything

    The key to tackling clutter for good is to find a proper home for everything. Scissors, staplers, and rubbers are undeniably useful, but when they’re strewn across your desk or shoved in the drawer you can never find anything.

    Storage tins do a fabulous job of keeping together small ‘random’ items and pen pots and desk tidies will keep your writing tools within easy reach. Having one for each member of the family gives everyone an extra incentive to do their bit, while a pencil tin is the perfect home for coloured pencils or pens you use less often.

    Start Tidy Desk Habits as You Mean to Go on

    Now your home office is spick-and-span, it’s time to put some new habits into practice.

    From now on, try to deal with paper clutter when it comes in, rather than letting it pile up. A paper shredder makes old private documents disappear and a waste paper basket takes care of everything else.

    Put things back in their proper place and encourage the whole family to do the same. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get on top of your clutter.

    Inspired to give your desk a spring clean? We have a superb range of personalised storage tins, desk tidies, and notepads to help you keep your desk tidy this spring. Shop the full range here.
  • The Best Valentine Gift for Him

    We don’t like to generalise… but sometimes men can be, well, tricky to buy for. If you’re looking for the best Valentine gift for him this February, then you want it to be special, personal and hopefully, not break the bank.

    Although we can often get really hung up on what exactly to buy, gifts are actually a way to send a message. It’s a chance to say what you love about someone and make them feel special.

    If you feel like it’s all been done before, and you need a little inspiration, read on for tips to find a brilliant Valentine gift he’s going to love.

    What Does He Care About?

    If you’re really stuck for ideas then try a brainstorm about your other half. What is it that you love so much about them? Write down everything that comes to mind and then look for a gift that will put across that message. Lots of smaller gifts might put the message across even more effectively.

    Brainstorm all the things he cares about, enjoys and gets excited about. Is he partial to a glass of whisky and likes to try new things? Maybe a whisky tasting experience would be a good gift.

    Don’t think the gift has to be expensive either, or even cost anything at all. If he’s driving you crazy, constantly tinkering with cars in the garage, you could give him a free pass to do just that for a whole day. Focus on what you love about him, the things he enjoys and let the gift follow.

    Make It an Experience

    It’s not just the item itself than makes the best Valentine for him, it can be the way that you give it.

    Could you lead him around on a treasure hunt to find the gift? Could it be hidden somewhere unusual or inside something else? Could you wrap it in 10 different boxes to really confuse him 

    about the contents? Imaginative ways to actually give your gift will make it even more unforgettable.


    For a really personal touch, try making an element of the whole experience yourself. If there are personal character traits of his that inspire you to make your own card, song, artwork, or anything else, then so much the better.

    Xoxo’s Best Valentine Gift for Him


    When it comes to special and personal, we’ve got a couple of great gifts that can be tailor-made for your Valentine.


    Once you’ve done your brainstorm, our dictionary definition tin is a great way to show off all the things you love about him. We can personalise each tin to say anything you like and it makes a great gift to hide another surprise inside too.


    Our personalised dictionary definition mug is perfect for the man who loves his tea and coffee. It could also form part of a camping or outdoorsy gift as it’s perfect to take on a stay away in the tent or camper van.


    Just like birthdays and anniversaries, Valentines Day is just a brilliant excuse to show someone how you feel and that they’re appreciated in your life. And what could be better than that? It’s love that makes the world go round!


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  • How to Be an Organised Mum This Year

    Many women feel they don’t know how to be an organised mum and with the job of juggling school runs, work, swimming lessons, parties and mountains of laundry (and that’s just for starters), is it any wonder?

    Although Christmas can be a great family time, it can also leave mums feeling exhausted and in a rough state to get to grips with a brand new year.

    Take heart though, because we’ve got some tips to help. If you’d like to know how to be an organised mum this year, as well as taking a little time to actually catch your breath, here’s how to make it work.

    Plan Ahead to Be an Organised Mum

     We all know that time is a killer, but taking just half an hour to plan the week ahead can help enormously.

    Try putting aside 30 minutes at the same time each week to look forward to the next seven days. Write a huge list of everything, big and small, that’s on your mind.

    Our personalised note pads are fantastic for this and help you to logically see what you need to do, rather than allow things to swirl around your head and cause you stress.

    Have a look at the tasks and decide how long you think each will take. If you’re working around children or the school run or nursery times, then work out how many hours you realistically have each day to spend (tip - it’s probably less than you think!).

    Now simply allocate the tasks to each day. If you run out of hours then the less important ones will just have to wait until next week.

    See the Bigger Family Picture

    When you’re trying to wrestle motherhood into some kind of order, it’s handy to see the bigger picture and know what the rest of the family are up to.

    You might think that personally you’ve got time to be somewhere, but combine that with get ting Jimmy to his trombone lesson, and you might see that it doesn’t really work.

    If you say yes to doing something as a family because you’re free on a certain day, look at it in a bigger context. Are your family actually busy on all the other days of the week too? Is that going to be total overkill and wipe everyone out before school starts again on Monday?

    Our family weekly calendar is perfect to get a bird’s eye view of what everyone in the family has going on.

    Plan in Some Rest

    I know, we mothers think we’re invincible and that rest is for losers. But often we’re the ones holding everything together, so if we can avoid our own ship sinking we’re less likely to take anyone else down with us.

    Try not to put activities into every single moment of every single day, whether that’s fun time, work time or housework. Plan in the rest you need, even if that’s just ten minutes sitting down to watch your favourite TV show. After all, we’re in this for the long haul!

    We’ve got all kinds of personalised notepads and planners to help you to be an organised mum this year - and we know you can do it! Shop the full range here.